07 April 2020
Environment & Quality

Our environmental policy
"The land is not a heritage of our parents, but a loan to our children."

Our environmental policy aims at :
  • Preventing and reducing the impact of our organisation on the environment
  • Adopting energy and water saving policies, waste separation and reduction and encouraging recycling
  • Comply with all applicable legal regulations in environmental matters
  • Improve our environmental performance in all phases of the service
  • Involve the entire organization and customers in continuous environmental improvement

Our quality policy states that:
Steigenberger Hotel & Resort Camp de Ma has a firm commitment to quality in order to provide leading services that meet the current and future needs of our customers. We encourage the responsibility of employees to commit to continuous improvement and to respect our environment.

Strategic quality objectives:
  • Establish a quality system that allows us to evaluate our services objectively and opens the doors to continuous improvement
  • Promote health and safety at our facilities
  • Promote the training of people and their ability to resolve complaints and respond to suggestions
  • Promote a good working environment, where employees feel proud to belong to this company
  • Improve customer service and attention through the adoptation of framework standards in the establishment´s main services.
  • Promote respect for the environment by reducing energy consumption and recycling
Aenor ISO 9001 
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